Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

Energy Efficiency and Weather Protection

Lower your heating and cooling costs with exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) from M.G. Exteriors. Apply EIFS to most types of exterior wall materials on any type of construction – residential and commercial – for durable and attractive weather protection. Contact our experts at M.G. Exteriors for an estimate and more information about the superior qualities of cladding with EIFS, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency by as much as 55 percent
  • Variety of available colours and textures
  • Crack-resistant reinforced strength
  • Easily applied for exterior renovations
  • Low maintenance and water resistant

Practical Beauty with Conventional Stucco

Traditional stucco that we associate with Spanish revival homes and American southwest adobe is also a practical choice for many types of residential and commercial buildings in the Edmonton area. M.G. Exteriors uses the conventional stucco materials of Portland cement, sand and water in the right plaster mix to cover building surfaces made of:

  • Concrete
  • Wood and steel frame
  • Cinder block
  • Clay Brick

M.G. Exteriors' expert craftsmen apply stucco plaster by hand and machine according to industry standards before applying a final thin coat to smooth the stucco surface, known as pargetting. Suited to Canadian weather, your stucco surface promises complete customer satisfaction by offering:Exterior Stucco example
  • A variety of colours and textures
  • Environmentally friendly components
  • Low cost for insulating power
  • Fire resistance and durability
  • Rot and fungus resistance

Acrylic Stucco with More Color and Zero VOC

Acrylic stucco picks up where the great points of conventional stucco leave off. M.G. Exteriors guarantees you will be delighted with acrylic stucco that treats your health and the environment gently with absolutely zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) and no known carcinogens. Also choose high-performance acrylic for its other superior qualities, including:

  • High durability in cool and damp climates
  • Countless choices of colours and shades
  • Low maintenance; high colour retention
  • Ability to breathe and flex without cracking
  • Insulation and moisture resistance